“Looking through a lens is a lot like looking through a cardboard tube when you’re young. Seeing what’s on the other side it becomes your world. It becomes a story you get to tell and one I want to help you share and see. Couple, team, or individual, your time is precious, once it happens it’s not something you can get back, but with a photograph you’ll be able to look back on it and revisit your time and emotions when ever you feel. Be it a smile or a tear I want to capture it for you, because it’s what you deserve.”

-Tyler Caisse

I'VE VISITED 19 STATES THe past 2 years

My favorite singer is zach bryan

My favorite meal is homemade fresh pasta with, meatballs, lamb, and sausage


I drive a yellow 2000 jeep wrangler. it guzzles gas but it has my heart

My current dream vacation is where my grandfather was born, Sicily, Italy!

My wishes and goals in life are simple on the outside, but require loads and loads of hard work and dedication. I've been taught from a very young age this is what I need to give myself and others: hard work, and dedication.
I want to find myself a loving lady that I can share my life with. (found herrrrrr) I want to have a family that I can have an unconditional love for. I want to have a life I can look back on and feel like I lived and not just survived, experienced the things I wanted to, and lived a life with no regret. And I want to grow a business that brings a level of joy so profound you can't describe it in words to me, and all of my clients, or even just the people passing by. 

I've had the blessing to capture beauty behind a lens for the past 4 years. I love what I do and I haven't seen myself doing anything else. Career wise that is. If I get to be outside I love being active or "rested" with nature; riding my bike, going on a run, playing a sport, having a picnic with my girlfriend, or camping with friends and family. If I have to stay inside you can find me; by a fire under a blanket, in the kitchen cooking an AMAZING meal, or (newly found) reading a book!

My go to dance move is the sprinkler!


Madison Redmond

She's my bestfriend, my greatest exploration, and the best partner I could ask for.
She is the greatest personality, but also the biggest pain in my butt.


Riding dirtbikes

Got on my first bike at 4 years old, and continue to ride today.
It's a freeing experience, and there's no feeling like it. It's something I can't wait to share with my kids and family one day as my Dad got to do with me.


Adventuring / exploring

Exploring has a special place in my heart. I love climbing up things, and just finding something "new"
Breathing in the fresh air, watching a sunset, somethings just can't be put into words

Fuels my love

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