Ironman August 27th, 2022

IRONMAN: (noun) an exceptionally strong or robust man, a man of unusual physical endurance.

This week’s racing required a true ironman, physically and mentally, to make the day and go home with points for the championship. In the 250 races, Jett Lawrence took his first win in 6 motos resulting in him taking the number 1 position overall on the podium today. Finishing second but docked 2 points for jumping on a wheels-on-ground lap was Jetts older brother Hunter Lawrence. Taking the 2nd moto win and finishing 3rd overall was Jo Shimoda, who extended his slight lead over Hunter in the season points to 5 points going into the last round of the season. 

Eli Tomac (3) scrubbs low resulting in a pass on Chase Sexton (23)

The true down-to-the-wire race is in the 450 class. Going into Ironman Eli Tomac was one point ahead of Chase Sexton after taking the red plate from Sexton the week prior. After today it stays one point difference, Tomac over Sexton. With both riders going 1-2 (Tomac) and 2-1 (Sexton), they were relentless with constant position changes after making their way up through the field after getting bad starts, each in a different moto. It was a battle to be seen and will add some not so needed fuel for the last race of the 2022 season.

The crowd’s winner this week was none other than Aaron Plessinger. Finishing 3-3, but number 1 in the crowd’s eyes. Plessinger has an aura about him that the fans just feed off of.  When he’s on the podium nobody comes close to making the crowd go as crazy as he does, between chants of AP, AP, AP or USA, USA, USA as he chugs his Redbull or this week some fans American eagle bottle.

For me this week, it was a little harder to settle into a groove picture-wise. During the practice I hardly covered any of the tracks, I’m a sucker for photographing whips. 

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The forecast called for a little heat but oh my was it wrong, yet another sweat dripping-off face photo day. Next week at Pala is supposed to be 107 degrees so… that’ll be fun. Surprisingly the R5 didn’t overheat at all when shooting in the heat so that saved me, and sadly the AC in the Monster Energy Girl’s trailer wasn’t working so hanging in there was a break from the sun but still warm. But as always, the shoot with the girls turned out amazing.

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Now it’s on to the last round of this amazing season, Pala 2. Bittersweet moment. I’ve traveled all across the country this summer and have been having the time of my life, so I’m going to miss traveling as much until hopefully Supercross. But it will be nice being home for a while and catching up on work and getting everything situated. But PALA 2!! We crown 2 champions here, will Jett finish what he started and get his second 250 Championship in a row? Who will get the upper hand and take the 450 trophy home? Will it be the young Chase Sexton with many years ahead or veteran rider Eli Tomic, who is racing in his last outdoor season? Either was I’m excited to find out on Saturday!


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